Chris Bregler

Prof. Bregler's interests include the modeling and understanding of human movement. He recently won the IEEE Longuet-Higgins prize for contributions that have stood the test of time with his 1998 CVPR paper, "Tracking with an exponential twist", co-authored with Jitendra Malik (UC Berkeley).

Rob Fergus

Prof. Fergus is interested in computer vision and its intersection with computer graphics and machine learning, particularly in the areas of object recognition and computational photography. He recently joined NYU from MIT where he was a postdoc in Prof. W. Freeman's lab.

Davi Geiger

Prof. Geiger interests are in pattern theory: vision, information theory, learning and artificial intelligence. He is currently doing research in stereo and motion. He is also starting a new activity in information propagation in marketing/branding. He is recipient of the NSF CAREER Award in 1998 for his computer vision work.

Yann LeCun

Prof. LeCun is a Silver Professor of Computer Science. His interests include machine learning, computer vision, mobile robotics and computational neuroscience.

Ken Perlin

Prof. Perlin has performed research in computer graphics for over 20 years. He won the 2008 ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Achievement Award.

Claudio Silva

Prof. Silva is interested in big data and urban systems, visualization and geometry processing. He is a professor at NYU's Center for Urban Science and Progress and NYU-Poly.

David Sontag

Prof. Sontag studies theoretical and practical aspects of machine learning, with recent applications to medicine, natural language processing, and web search. Prior to joining NYU, he was at Microsoft Research New England and MIT.

Denis Zorin

Prof. Zorin's interests span two areas: geometric modeling, with applications in computer graphics and computer-aided geometric design, and scientific computing and numerical algorithms. He is recipient of the NSF CAREER Award and the IBM Faculty Partnership Award.

In Memoriam

Sam Roweis

Prof. Roweis's contributions are in machine learning, data mining, and statistical signal processing. He joined NYU from Google and U. Toronto in September 2009. He passed away in January 2010.